September 28, 2016

Finally images, and a video!

So here are 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 ...
As you can see I made a lot of digital images. Not my cup of tea and stretching out of my comfort zone....  still a lot of fun!




And the video is here. Click the image:

Thanks for visiting! Tomorrow and till the 30th I will be trying to complete my faces, which is by far more fun that unpacking boxes! (Ugh!!!)

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  1. great images, and yeah I totally agree art is much more fun than unpacking boxes. I still have a couple of boxes I have not yet unpacked believe it or not lol

  2. Well done Martha!!! Big Hugs! Have fun unpacking!!! Smile!

  3. You have painted so many beautiful faces. The challenge is so funny. Many thanks to you.

  4. Your blog posts don't show a date of when you posted, so I can only figure out this is recent by looking at comments. I moved in August, it's been less than 2 months and so flipping much to do, I am sitting back and taking things in stride. My art stuff is all back in boxes again. ;)

    1. Yes, it was from a couple of days ago, end of September.... moving? What a chaotic experience! I never had one so messy, but then again, I had not moved in a loooong time! I lost the muscle for it :oP
      How are you doing?

  5. Fabulous faces. Love the diversity. :)


I ♥ all your comments! ~
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