January 3, 2017

Word of the year

I  always like to say that my word of the year is Chocolate, because lets face it, 99.9 of people enjoy it  (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)
But in a more art related way, I decided that my word for this year is Create.
It is inviting, proclaiming and being actively working in my goals.
I go in my own rhythm and timing. I create because I love to, and I like to see where the pencil or brush takes me.
I do not want to take it as a New Year resolution, just simply as a fresh reminder of the pleasure of creating, the benefit of doing something for me, and something to enjoy the company of like-minded friends. (°‿~ )✌
In the past when I had the word "Focus", it really helped me to chase one of my goals and work on it.
Do you have a word? Have you noticed it helped you?

I hope whatever it is, you will find harmony and benefit with it, in this brand new page in time.
Thanks for visiting, Hugs!
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  1. Love your word of the year - mine is "accept" xoxox Happy New Year!!!!

  2. Happy New Year Martha! I like Chocolate and Create! Great words! I don't use a word for the New Year. I just try to keep my soul inspired with positivity and go for it! LOL! Big Hugs and Much Love! Thanks for being you! Lots of blessings to you and your entire family and friends!

  3. I love your word of the year, I may have to choose chocolate next year!!!!!!


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