March 21, 2017

Abstract art for Art Collab

This is my video collaboration with Jonathan Manning, the Artistic Biker.
It is an abstracted painting, to be  the background for whatever he wants to create.
Click here to watch:
I will add the link of his video as soon as I get it.

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  1. Ayala, this is a great abstract background!!! I am just starting my very first art journal/ mixed media journal and you have given me a great idea...thank you!!!

    1. Art journals are such a wonderful thing, I'm happy to hear you got inspiration for yours, you are more than welcome! :oD ♥

  2. I love making collabs! He made a cool intergalactic video, I have no clue what I will create on it lol
    Maybe one day you and I can make one collab Stacy!


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