April 26, 2021

Art Foamies Sacred heart - Art Journal ideas!

Have you ever felt that you want to create something, but you don't know where to start?
Well... Art Foamies can help you with that!
Grab your Art Journal or Sketchbook, your favorite tissue paper and some fun acrylic paint.
This is the metallic paint I like best here
If you are not sure what colors, get a color wheel here!

Use the brayer to get paint on the Foamie and stamp in different angles on the paper, then tear the shapes gently to collage them on your page.

Add color with crayons and if you feel inspired, write a nice quote around the collaged shape!

I love playing with the Art Foamies, it is relaxing and it can help you stay creative in a very easy way.

Watch the video HERE to see the whole process, and stay creative!

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