August 24, 2005

Oil painting

After 3 months I am re opening my oil paint tubes. I was missing the buttery texture. I prefer the water mixable kind. I have read opposite opinions about them, but I have to say I love them! I don't see myself ever using turpentine or any other smelly thing. Even the new kind that doesn't smell as bad, still has an odor. I rather mix with linseed oil and water.

I just have been working with acrylics so much lately and I love them, but there's a different feeling altogether. Even with mediums the acrylic goes faster which is why I like them so much, but somehow oils are still a mystery to me.

I am currently working on a 20x16 mermaid painting. I was inspired by some sculptures even when at the end my sketch did not look at all like the figures. I was going to take a picture when it was just a sketch, but got so excited that couldn't let go of the paint brush!

I still have no idea where that digital camera went.... but when I find it I will post a picture here.
So far I have the background water and the mermaid's tale.
Here's the picture of an art card I sold in my auctions. How many times can I say I love Art Cards without sounding too repetitious? lol

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