April 4, 2009

Cool video and Avatar comments

Well, first the good news and then the comments:
I am thrilled to announce that one of my dolls is on a video made by CheriV, from the group ADO (Art Dolls Only) Enjoy... then read about my avatars...

OK, Here's my question/comment: Like most crafters/artists nowadays, I belong to different groups online and I guess some people have their act together much better than others, as in more uniform with the same icon everywhere...and I have been using any ol' avatar that I can grab at the moment, because usually one size doesn't fit all, so.... In order to go standard I have been changing most of them into only 2 avatars... and my blog picture.
OK, then it's 3.
I think I should change everything to the same avatar.
I was going to use the first one everywhere, but in ning it just doesn't work because of the proportions, so I use the second one. The third one I use in OG, but will update with the eye soon.

Plus my blog pic, that I have been using since 2005.
....geez that's 4 LOL ....Didn't I say that I had a lot of them??
Now I wonder, should I change my blog icon into the eye avatar?


  1. Wow, I love your dolls! Those faces are just amazing. I envy dollmakers. I would love to try it some day.

  2. Dear Ayala,
    thank you for joining me.
    I´m so glad that a artist like you likes my pictures.
    I´m impresed by the paintings and especially the captivating dolls you make.
    I´ll sign in as your follower as well, cause I defenitly want to see more of this.
    You wrote, that you would like to understand more.
    Well, my blog is in two languages.
    Beneath the german artical is the english translation. All you have to do is scroll down ;-)
    It´s great to communicate with people all over the world.
    That´s worth the lonely hours where there is just me and my dictionairy (LOL).
    Happy easter to you

  3. Thanks Suzi and Jerdle! Janine, I saw after I posted, that you had the English version, hehehe and I still LOVE those pictures you have there!

  4. Very beautiful.Coming to your blog We are very honored to.Good luck.Welcome to our blog

  5. Hi, Martha!!!!!, gracias por tu comentario, me anima a seguir adelante, güay es como "me gusta","está bien", gracias de nuevo!!!!!!!

  6. me gusta tus muñecos,son muy personales.Si quieres visitar mi blog es



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