June 5, 2009

Summer, dolls and stuff

Well, summer vacation is here, school is over.... yaay? Kind of yay, maybe lol
Hard to keep kids busy and the craft going, much less listing... how do everyone else does it, I wonder? I need to put my act together. My older one finished his freshman year and my younger one is going to Junior High.
I finished 2 of the tiny elves I started under pressure (the dishwasher drama) and here are some pictures, they are around 3 inches tall.

Now as for the dishwasher drama..... after waiting for 3 weeks for the repair man to bring it back, he came and re installed it and left ...then I noticed that the timing was weird: the quick wash was like 5 hours!? and the longest wash only 15 minutes....?? So I decided to test it and it started to smell like burnt stuff!! oh--my--gosh.... Forward next day, they come, test for a long time, re program the buttons to adjust time, and convince me that it will smell like that because of the new liner inside. Oh well. If my house burns down you know who to blame. >:o/

In other news, after months of insisting, finally my daughter convinced me to get her a Guinea Pig. He's the funniest little thing! :oD


  1. Love the dolls.
    Hate dishwasher drama!!!

  2. Oh they are so sweet.
    You make them so much alive.


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