June 20, 2009

Strange things...

I've been merrily working on some tiny dolls for the ADO challenge, and I'm telling you, I'm afraid I was too close to the elements (play The Twilight-Zone music in the backgrownd):op
After I started working for the one elf of the Water element... it rained, here in California, in the summer! Then when working on the one representing Earth... My mushrooms were conjoined, my flowers have been doing crazy things, like, the bougainvillea took over the hibiscus, and the passion vine climbed all over the roses... is it the Earth element's elf's fault.... or just me being a lazy gardener?? You be the judge! ;o)

Oh! and we lost the electric power. We were in the dark... worst of all: we were in the dark WITHOUT computer ho-ho-ho ;o) jk!
97 happy degrees outside and feeling like pizzas in here. The electricity finally came back somewhere around midnight, as I was thinking to grab a pillow and go to take a nap at the 24 hour open grocery store.
I'm not sure if I should blame the "Fire element" doll as well, since I had just finished the last touches on that one at that time....

Now I'm afraid of even get close to the "Air element" elf hehhehee

I am working on a little story for them as well.... :oD

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