March 16, 2011

How not to take pictures

I am delighted to announce the birth of  Timmy. He is a tiny 5 inch polymer baby, and he will go places playing the touring baby blog with a mouse, a piggy, a frog, and another baby.
This is a WIP picture before curing the clay:

Taking pictures of your dolls is a whole different art. It requires creativity, and some camera knowledge. I don't  claim to be an expert at all, but I know what not to do ;o)
As I was taking pictures of this polymer baby, I came across all the problems in the book: bad  lighting, shadows, bad angles, weird background... and also an unwanted visitor (aka Panz√≥n) and decided after several "photo bombs" that I needed to post them in the blog. Here you go:

Baby looking in the wrong direction.

Weird lighting and shadows. Needs cropping.

Light is too sharp . Goofy cat in background.

Total fiasco. Bad shadows, blurry. Photo bomb cat.

I cropped the best picture of the session, and this is the result:

I'll go pack him to go to his 5 States tour. Ta ta for now!

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  1. Martha, I'd post this on the ADO Tips and Tricks for today if I thought you didn't mind. Last week I did a 'photo' links post...and this is funny what with the cat and all.

    The baby is soooo cute.

  2. Okay--your post is officially listed and linked in today's ADO Tips and Tricks Friday post. :~)

  3. Love the baby and all the photo's! I really loved the pics with the cat ;o) Have a great day Martha!

  4. Ha!ha!ha! I absolutely love this! Cannot stop laughing! I will definitely put a link to your blog in our photo section advice for the ADO book ( coming soon hopefully).

  5. Thank you for your nice comments ladies! Xo)


    a BIG HUG!!!!

  7. I allways wonder how you manage to make these littly faces and tiny fingers. This is so adorable

  8. Love the baby and the tips- I want to improve my photos. Thanks.


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