April 14, 2012

Finally Modigliani #4

In my efforts to finish this piece, I completely forgot to get the camera. Can't ever win can we? ;o)
This is the finished painting on this challenge, which the picture is a bit blurry, but I was too lazy to go find the tripod. The eyes are very dark and half defined in Modigliani's art. I like the way he makes them, but I just can't make myself go that way :oP
I have to have so much more detail and layers when I paint eyes! For now, they will stay like this, just for practicing his techniques and style, but I will come back with a revamp my way! :o)

And this is the pencil drawing, after I added a little bit of texture with gesso

Once I have the 4 paintings re-worked, I will post them and start the "almost 500 giveaway"!

Thanks for visiting and keep those paintbrushes wet!
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  1. It looks great! I should finish up my last one.

  2. This is very Modigliany style! Great job!

  3. Ayala this is wonderful. My favourite artist of all so fantastic to see what can be done in his style!!! I still miss the 29face Challenge I really enjoyed it.

    1. We will have to do it again... too many people feeling the same way, even myself... I will plan on it so we can run a second 29 :oD

  4. Nicely done. I know what you mean about Modigliani eyes! they just seem so blank.

  5. Oow she has such a piercing stare....yet looks so lost and vulnerable. Can't wait to see hiw you empower her :D XXX

  6. Beautiful!
    I'm in love with all those blue hues!
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  7. I think you caught the essence of Modiglinani, I love your painting

  8. Martha, I really like this painting! Well done ;o)

  9. Your home must look like a Modigliani- museum. This is so cool.

  10. I think it is amazing how well you do these. One would really think they might be his.

  11. Love the painting and I'm real excited about the possibility of another 29 face challenge!!!!!

  12. Oh, I like this one. I think all your paintings from this challenge have been great.

  13. Awesome! Loving the color palette too. Please let me know if you do the 29 faces again...I would like to join in. :-)

  14. You captured the elegance of Modigliani perfectly. Wonderful piece.
    Have a wonderful creative week.

  15. Looks just like a Modigliani work to me, Martha. Love the eyes.

  16. Beautiful!! Very elegant and proud.

  17. Congrats on your fourth! She's wonderful! I'll check in for more challenges. I'm trying to cut back a little so it's not overwhelming, but you're on my blog list so I don't forget to check in! Happy painting!


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