April 12, 2012

When it rains....

.... it pours!
My mind has been as scattered as a spill of mercury (have you seen the mercury droplets?)
So far I have not managed my last Modigliani painting, I just have it in pencil. Too many things happening, most of them not good.
But I am gathering my thoughts and coming back to my usual nutty self, and soon will be posting more art.

I will challenge myself by posting these goals, so I will be totally embarrassed if I don't do it (-J-) ho ho ho

*Finish the last Modigliani
*List all the pieces I have ready
*Finish the 2 videos I have half baked
*Come back to blog often. It is good for the soul :o)

That should be challenging enough.... Oh!

*Organize the giveaway!!! This actually should be like the first item in the list!

For now I will show you a rose from my garden, taken yesterday, kind of droopy with rain drops. Very apropos with my mood of late :oP

And this other is after I played with filters:

May your day be bright and your night full of stars ♥
Thanks for coming over to visit and see you all soon!


  1. I have been feeling a little similar lately, I've been meaning to tell you I finished my 29 faces, just took until April to do it LOL, I must post them! I really enjoyed the experience although I was a bit of a failure on completion - I love your Modigliani's you have done a brilliant job on them! We spilt mercury in thr biology lab back at high school, amazing, all those droplets running EVERYWHERE, I didn't realise how dangerous it was (I think only the teacher knew) could be why we are a little like the mad hatter on occasions ;) Take care - have a great weekend :) Oh Roxannes having a giveaway too, pop on over if you get the chance (she does dolls too) ;) http://mentalmulch.blogspot.com.au/

    1. Shelle, I have to see all your 29 faces, the ones I saw I loved!
      Isn't it sad that mercury is so dangerous, being so cool? I wish it was ok to play with it and all the little droplets :oP
      Thanks for telling me about Roxanne's giveaway! I visited her blog too :oD

    2. Beautiful rose! Hope you get your goals accomplished and things look up for you!

  2. Martha, great to hear from you ;o) My mind is all over the place too and I am behind in things as well! I totally understand ;o) Mercury droplets are cool ;o) Oh, I love your rose pictures ;o) Big Hugs and be well!!!

  3. I'm a bit with you today - scattered and making a list of to-do's.


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