March 20, 2013

There it goes!

I mailed my "started piece" for "Face in the World" to Manon in the UK. She will do whatever she wants to it and ship it to the next person... I can't wait to see how it changes under the creative hands of my team!! ♥


My scanner is acting up, not sure what it is, but the colors are not so dramatic and they paper and blue are more closer in tones.

Awesome people in my team: (we are Team #3)
Regan Tomlin - MI, US
Marji Waller Thompson - WA, US
Sandra Sherman - AU
me! - CA, US
Manon Visser - UK

The other awesome groups:
Beth Gould - PA, US
Ilona Heimböckel - Germany
Audrey Breed - TN,US
Milo Wylde Chin- CA, US
Jackie Nicols - TX

Trish Nonaka - NC, US
Renee Stien - MN, US
Selva Briceño-Casas- TX, US
Penny Stewart- CA, US
Lizzy Love- CANADA

TEAM #4 (Domestic US)
Lauri Crowe - MI
Heather Santos - IL
Cherie Balowski - MI
Joy Redington - OR
Catherine Bakos-Snowden - CO


  1. What a fantastic idea. I've done something similar with ATC's, but I love the face idea.

  2. Beautiful so far!

    Will be fun for all of you!

  3. This is so cool! I can't wait!!!


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