May 22, 2013

Last E.C. from team #1

This is the last of the Exquisite Corps in my team #1. The scan is missing the other robot hand, that's the part I made; this is the one Joy started.
My other team has been experiencing some difficulties, plus it is an international group, which means mail takes longer, but I will post as they come :oD

Isn't she a beauty? ;o)

We still have some days in May --I can't believe we are already in May!! aaagh!--
Ahem... as I was saying, we still have some days left to plan for "June Guys"!

If you want to participate: We make any number of faces, as many as you can. which means, 4 is fine, 30 is fine as well.
Only male human face, mostly for practice, and I will add a "Linky" here in my blog, for all to share. Also, we can post them all in the 29 faces FB page for those in FB.

We start in June the 1st. Any medium, size, technique, substrate, style.... all levels of expertise as well. (。◕‿◕。)

I will make a blog button for this event and invite everyone. The more, the merrier!
For those that have no idea how to make a male face or any face at all, I have a class at a very affordable price, check my side bar for "Basic Face" to learn more about it.


  1. She is a beauty! I love seeing all these creations! They are so much fun!

  2. This project looks like it's a lot of fun. Blessings!

  3. What a fun project, love the different art being created!

  4. This is TOTALLY fun! Love it.


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