May 28, 2013

June Guys!

June is almost here (Can you even believe it??) and so are the guys! Celebrate the dads and any guy in your life, including Mr. Darcy of course (◠◡◠)
This is only for human male faces (zombies, trolls, vampires and elves welcome. Inanimate things or objects with a face, are a no-no for this challenge.) 
Any number of faces, as many as you want which means 4 or 40 are fine. Any medium, size, technique, substrate, style.... all levels of expertise as well.

Join the fun in this month's Mr Linky (check my top menu June 1st) and do the following (so that ALL your June Guys posts show):
-Make an introductory post with a label/tag "June guys"
-Post it
-Click in your own label/tag
-Copy THAT address on your browser
-Paste it in the Linky ...  voilà!

If you make a mistake I can fix the link no problem! For those in FB you can post them all in the 29 faces page. Remember we start in June the 1st.
You can grab this image to post in your blog:

 Or a smaller size for your side bar:
Save this image and upload in your blog if the code in the side bar doesn't work

They changed the "grab button" html code and it is all confusing now, I hope it works! if not, sorry about that. You can just save this image, upload it in your blog in a gadget for images, and add the link back to my blog. That's optional.
I wish they would stop changing things all the time! But there you have it, it's how sites have fun I guess.... confusing the users ( ¬_¬)

Oh! And check my GIVEAWAY ! A Winner picked in May 30th!


  1. I can't wait to see what everyone does! Such a fun challenge!

  2. Will be fun following your faces!

  3. I will be in to. I only can't find the 1 june button...or am I to early :)
    Liefs, Melanie

    1. Melanie, I still need to learn the new way to do the grab button now, they changed it :o( So for now you can copy my image in this post and upload it in your blog in an "image gadget". If you need help let me know.

  4. What a great idea for a challenge. I avoid drawing male faces, but maybe I should push myself. hmm...

  5. Lovely idea. Have fun! Sorry I can't participate at the moment! Valerie

  6. it will be fun to watch this challenge progress... for some reason painting blokes is almost impossible for me... maybe watching on will convince me to give it another go...xx

  7. This should be fun! I'll see if I can do this with my other commitments... not sure...

    Hugs Giggles

  8. Martha, what a challenge! I'm afraid any male I draw would look pretty effeminate. Maybe looking at your wonderful example I might be able to do it. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  9. Sounds like fun, I think I take the challenge! :)

  10. I'm excited to start this challenge. :) I need to practice drawing male faces.

  11. Anonymous31 May, 2013

    Wonderful idea, drawing that male face most of us avoid. Happy PPf

  12. Hello Ayala!! Oh challenge! How wonderful!! Yay!

  13. That's one of the hardest things... male faces. So I think it's a great challenge. I won't participate every day, but I'm gonna try as much as I can. Put the picture in my sidebar. Thanks for this lovely challenge :-)
    xxx Marianne

  14. Have fun Martha. Happy PPF!

  15. Looks like a lot of fun. I can't paint people, they all come out looking the same. I will follow what everyone else does.

  16. Looks like another fun challenge. I don't do many human faces so I'll have to watch this one from the sidelines but it'll be interesting to see what the participants come up with for the month of June!

  17. This sounds like a wonderful challenge. I will definitely try and see what happens.

  18. I will give it a try - I'm working on faces now anyway - so I'll give men a try!

  19. So creative! It will be fun to see what everyone comes up with!


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