April 30, 2014


I want to share a little of Spring from my garden: (My daughter took the picture)
Bee on a flower

See more photos after the brake.

The magnolia bloom is not mine but it is near by and I love it!



The bougainvillea (not showing) and the hibiscus (next to the cat) are still in shock from the winter but as soon as they are back, I will take some more pictures ♥

Oh! And this rose was transplanted to a better spot but the roots grew back and they went back to an "antique rose" shape! Same rose, but less petals and a deeper color. Funny huh? I will have to move it again but more carefully this time...

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  1. Love the pictures Martha! Nothing is blooming here yet!! I hope soon ;o) Big Hugs to you and the kittie ;o)

  2. Your daughter has taken a beautiful pic, love all the flowers!


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