April 14, 2014

Weather, Art making and being lazy

I can not believe that it's been like weeks that I don't post! OMG
Well, I have been very busy making art, enjoying all kinds of fun things in the Soul Food lessons, and feeling lazy too in this wonderful warm weather. oops! Did I say that? Sorry dear friends in the East that are still having snow!

We went to the Getty to see the exhibit of Queen Victoria's photography, it was fun! So amazing how much things have changed, and how she and Albert loved State of the Art technology.

I think it is funny how she was more modern thinking than me... who do not care for the latest or more technological gadgets.

And some times I've been known to forget to press "publish" lol

Here is a painting from one of my favorites, Cezanne:

I love to see the frames too, all aged, and each painter with their own style too.

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  1. Glad you are doing well... sounds like a fun place to visit!

  2. The painting is stunning! Looks like you had a great time ;o) I forget to press publish too sometimes ;o) LOL! Can't wait to see your new art ;o) Happy Easter ;o)


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