June 19, 2014

Gelli Printing Video!

All my printing junk got moved to the kitchen for the day, because frankly, it is very scary to play with open bottles of acrylic paint all over the desk and if you remember, I already had a couple of close encounters with the wet goop on the carpet lol
I made a few stencils and tried them on my gelatin plate and different kinds of paper. I have tried copy paper, sketch, scrapbook and deli papers.... and I wanted to work on watercolor but for my dry weather, the watercolor paper is way too thirsty to make a slow print. You have to work fast on that one!

Anyway, here is a little video with the mixed results of WIPs. I will scan the smaller ones, others are too large. Some were too frustrating, but as I turned on the camera I could see they have a chance, if I give them enough layers and color.

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  1. enjoyed your film Martha! I think the godess nearly to the end you are not sure what you should think about ..I think this is gorgeous!
    Happy weekend !
    Now I will join your lincocut film cause I bought the stuff this week and not started yet ..afraid of failing!

  2. there are some really nice ones, with beautiful patterns. Seeing your work makes me want to get out my gelliplate again ... ;-)

  3. I couldn't watch your video because my computer is really acting up. Sounds like you are having fun. Happy PPF!

    1. Aw, sorry about that, maybe you can click to see in the YT site? or wait for another day... did you check if it is the browser?

  4. Hi kindred..wowness..so gorgeous..I love the big heart..so magical..and that magenta-purply colored bird with the swirly patterns..so beautiful! You have a magical energy about you..so wonderful to listen to you and watch your fabulous video! Shine on !

  5. Those birds that are your favourite are really pretty! I like that green jungle heart too ;o) Interesting that it shrinks! Love the video ;o) Love hearing your voice ;o) Big Hugs ;o)


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