January 29, 2015

Busy days (a kitty's job never ends)

I have my new Art Doll class open... I have the next class ready to start in the Soul Food.... I am organizing the 29 faces challenge just about to start.... The Traveling journals are almost to the end of their travels (both the small and the large books) ...
.. and a kitty that cannot see a door that didn't want to cross immediately. lol
If I do not open quickly, he comes and yells at the window.

*Well, the video was not showing, no idea why and seems like it doesn't want to be posted ggrrr

Here is the link just in case:

Do you have your stuff ready for the challenge??  2 more days! yaay!

I appologize for the captcha, really. Let me know if there's any trouble!
Most likely I will remove it for the challenge, because no one likes to deal with while visiting many blogs :oP

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  1. Hey busy girl ;o) I love your kitty ;o) Hugs ;o)

  2. I'm not ready bit I'll try! ;)

  3. So excited about the journals arriving home soon, thanks for all your hard work organising stuff for us :D XXX

    1. Me too Gina! ... and thanks for your help as well ♥ ♥ ♥!

  4. You are a busy bee.
    I love your art- dolls. Your class must be amazing

  5. looking forward to 29 Faces challenge!! thanks so much for doing this ... sounds like you have been VERY busy lately :)

  6. Hi Martha. I'm glad I crack you up. How many pieces? tee hee. Your work is always wonderful and I am looking forward to 29Faces.Have a great rest of the week. See you soon.

  7. Seems like the video was not showing....? I re-posted several times, hopefully it will show now.

  8. You really ARE busy! I wonder how you get it all done. Looking forward to another 29 faces challenge :-)

  9. Very cute (& busy) kitty Martha! Hoping 29 Faces will spur me to start arting, I haven't posted for almost a year (well seems like it anyway)!

  10. You are one busy lady. Wishing you luck with all the projects. :) Kitty is adorable. Some of mine are very vocal when they want to come in so there's no ignoring them. And they usually choose the window to come in but a couple are too lazy to jump that high so they decided they need to serenade me in front of the door. :)


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