May 10, 2015

Visiting the Getty

Happy mother's day!

I love the Getty Museum. Not only you see tons of art, you also have the chance of feel their great weather up there. So we went for mother's day. Great gift for me, to spend the whole day there, having lunch, taking pictures, enjoying the weather and visiting the 4 buildings ♥

These beautiful orchids were part of my day too. Gift from my DH.

One of their changing exhibit included 3 drawings by Klimt, and one painting by Alphonse Mucha, along with many others, but those were my favorites.  Photography in those rooms is not allowed, but I found some pictures online.
Click on this image to go read an article about it.

 Many of his drawings were just studies, although he sent this one on the right to be published. To think they were done in the late 1800s and look like they were done just  this week...

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  1. A beautiful Mother's Day ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

  2. Oh, I visited the Mucha and Salvador Dali exhibit in Prague last year. It was fantastic! Orchids are my favorite flowers to buy for my mom. :)


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