September 30, 2008

Trying to keep up...

Is not even cold yet and half the house hold has had already a cold, fever or both. Except me, I reserve the right to remain healthy until the Airborne Sebastian guy shows up in my town. Have you seen that Goofy Commercial ? It's a crack up!

Oh! I was sculpting for a while the other day, and came to the computer to check on
something. When I turned around, my doll had disappeared! I walked around, went to check different places to see if I took her somewhere else, though I was
sure I left her on the same table.
So I went around and around till I heard a little giggle and saw
something moving by the corner. HUH? I couldn't believe my eyes... I
ran to get the camera. See for yourselves, I caught it on
film, she was hiding from me. hehehehe

So she's still bald and hiding, and I'm silly. Now, the little baby elves I got to catch? Those were nicely done and have colouful hair and a nice little cozy pouch.
What do you think?


I ♥ all your comments! ~
. .Keep your paintbrush wet!