January 28, 2009

Can't ride 2 horses at the same time

[Skip this post unless you really have nothing else to do!]
Yup, Can't ride two horses at the same time. I see the logic in that. I have heard also the same saying but with camels, which has to be even harder I think lol
But of course me being me... try 5 horses... 5 camels... 5 different projects at the same time, why not? The Result? Ha! A huge amount of unfinished projects! My rapid response to a crisis? Climb up fast on yet another horse! LOL
Oh my gosh...
Well, I'm blabbering all this because I came to the computer days ago to post a tip, well, originally I came to the computer room looking for my cup of coffee, but that's beside the point.
Then I thought, "better post a tip and a tut in the same posting" as I had mentioned something but I'll make a post dedicated to that later, as that would be getting into another subject here, and I know me, I get easily distracted by familiar noises and shiny objects...

So, in order to post the tutorial (on making a light box) I had to dig for hours into my files, and finally I found the pictures so I decided to stick them together into one document (insert familiar noise here: "Mooooom I need heeeeeelp!") so, after running to help, stopping fights, gluing, clipping, spell checking homework (Why do I have to do that if my first language is Spanish???).... finally it was time to fix the tut!!!.... right after cooking diner.
Next thing I know? I forgot that horse Because I had to help my son to do a video for the English class (Now you tell me, why on Earth do they want a book report video? Is this the Spielberg High or something? What happened to pen-and-paper book reports?) :oP
So in order to make the team-work video (which the team wanted a clay animation HA!) we had to argue fuss and fight about the impossibility of finishing on the due date, something that takes Pixar 2 years. Gosh, try to convince a 14 year old of that! LOL
My natural reaction? By now you know: toss everything else up(tut, blog, finish the mohair wig), and climb another horse. I think we are talking about horse number 14 in the same week. There are weeks like that.
Good thing? I'm not having any real-world work to do for now. Bad thing? No one owes me money :oP
After some days of previous deliberation, and not a single sign of life from the team mates, it was decided that instead of clay, it was going to be sock-puppets.

Now, I have nothing against sock puppets, but I am not going to buy good healthy decent socks to trash them on a whim for a video. -That in itself was another big fuss- I thought of something simple, fun and cheap to do which is paper bag puppets.
We were in a hurry because by then we had lost like 10 days of work (Still the team has not shown traces of life) but we hired little sister and my goodness we've been having a blast!
The goofy things look like funky zombies and I'll post the video when I finish editing.
[Definitely Skip this paragraph if you don't want to get tangled into my brain web]
I actually came to the computer to edit, but for some mysterious reason decided to blog first... You see, I moved the paper bags to the counter (where I had my polymer doll parts still waiting to be assembled) to go get the camera and take some quick pictures, so I thought, "I still need to pick the fabric I'm going to use for those dolls...." and took off walking to select fabrics. Completely forgot about the camera! Couldn't decide what color to use, but saw the list of errands I needed to do yesterday So I took off running to the car. My tummy grumbling because I didn't even had my cup of coffee yet.
And did I mention the kitty got fixed? Poor thing, but he's feeling fine except for the cone head (and his empty purse) LOL
[End of skiping part]

Now that I blogged, I'll go edit the video.
And you know where my cup of coffee was? Right by the mohair that I was going to use for my bald doll. ;o)

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