January 26, 2009

The other side of the world... to me.

I have to tell you, my faith full three readers, about a new discovery I made.

You know I love ACEOs, and I love blogs.... so to meet a blogger that makes ACEOs is a great thing, but when the artist lives in an exotic far away place, it always deserves a special mention.

Please visit SUTTILAK's blog and look at all the art he has there. Not only the paintings, but the links to his music! Oh gosh I LOVE that video I don't remember the name of the instrument, but it's awesome!! So relaxing.... great job there!

Now I'll go back to my little spot under 20 the covers and coats... I am cold! Is it February already?? Not yet?? OK... I'll wait a bit longer, like the groundhog. :oP

Here's a picture of a hippie looking fairy with her new wings:

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  1. I love your hippie fairy!...as I am kind of a hippie myself...like long skirts and long hair...open minded...
    I also like SUTTILAK's heart's collection. Thank you for sharing the link. He uses gold-leaf on his paintings. I am a gold-leaf lover. I enjoyed your post.
    Take care,


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