January 30, 2009

Tips Tuts and Links

Here are some blog tips in case you have not heard of them before:

*Add the "follow me" option module if you don't have it already, so people can link to you.
*Type commas in the Interests part of your profile, so people can find you by clicking on those same words, if they share same interests.
*Add the "keyword" module to your layout, so readers can find your past postings by subject easier.

Now, a cool link on how to make a neat little TOADSTOOL

And.... a little how-to make a simple light box, to photograph small art indoors:


  1. hello there, i really like your pictures, and admire your dolls. I once tried to work with the clay and make some tiny dolls, but failed. cloth works better for me with the dolls.
    i met you on creative souls...

  2. Thanks! I love cloth dolls too but I am too slow to sew :oP Don't give up the clay, it is so much fun!

  3. Thank you somuch for all the tips on blogging.
    And for sharing your idea to photograph small art. Great!
    Come to my blog I am having an art box giveaway...see you!


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