July 25, 2009

WIP of doll swap and the beach...

I am so thrilled to show you these pictures! I rarely participate in swaps because it's stressing for me, but once a year or so, I can survive a swap :o)
So for this doll swap we are doing bundle babies. I won't say who is the person I am sending it to because it is a surprise... Xo)

Here is the sculpted head with quilting to form the body:

Here he is with his outfit and hat:

Cozy in his blanket... I still need to add a few touches , like ribbon

I guess he's about 5 or 6 inches by the time I wrap him and all.

....Oh! We went to the coast a couple of days ago. It was great to feel a bit of chill after so many days in the 100's here in town! (38 to 42 Centigrades) This time I did remember to carry our sweatshirts! We were enjoying the cool weather even when it was a bit overcast.


  1. Hello there. I just came across your blog. I think it is very interesting and creative and like it very much. Feel free to come check out my little artsy blog if you'd like.

  2. Wow, he is abolutely ADORABLE!

  3. Dear Alaya, the little faces you make are so sweet and precious.
    I want to invite you to join my giveaway, if you like.
    Have a sunny sunday

  4. Thank you Lee beth, Jerdle and Janine!!

  5. Hi Martha,
    Love your bundle baby! he is so cute. I have so much to do! wish I could have the time to participate in the swap! Looks great! Hugs

  6. So cute. Your blog is very nice. The images are very beautiful. God is Great. Best wishes.


  7. Your dolls are adorable!!


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