August 2, 2009

Painting, thinking and how-to... how to?

I was invited to make a how-to video in Deb's group in ning. I love helping people, but I like helping in a helping way... does it make any sense?? lol
What I mean is, I like helping directly to the best of my ability, but never done a video like that, and if I make a tutorial I hope it really helps.
I had to sit and think.... how can I make something that will really help... in a video, that also looks good?
So... I have been doing a lot of thinking and learning on how to make a how-to video :oP I need a few elements.
I have to be clear and helpful (need to make lists and a script)... It has to look pretty (have to clean all the junk from my desk AGH!)... and since it has to be a video, it has to sound good too (which is half impossible with the kids out of school).... *moooom she brought the cat in!! moooom he took the cat out!! moooom I'm hungry.... meeeww!! (that's Panzon asking for food too)

An approx time line of all of the above mentioned steps would be:
- Working on a list of things needed- couple of hours
- Clear a huge amount of stuff from my working table- six months
- Actual video taping once everything is settled- interrupted sequences depending on the noise around, couple of hours a day, several days....
- Editing video till I like it- another six months LOL
I guess a good solution would be, hide in the closet with he camera rolling while the kids are having pizza. Oh well. ;o)

Like one of the first times I made a video for a doll

That reminded me, over a year ago I made a little slide show demo on how to paint a Frida with acrylics on canvas.
I will upload it in youtube again. I had it before and I don't remember why I took it down. But it will be up tonight. :o)
I am working on more videos and slide shows (doll related) so keep an eye on my youtube, you can subscribe too!

I want to make some demos on polymer and on painting ACEO art cards.
But for now, I'll leave you with the painting of my tropical Frida, circa 2007

(couple of hours later) Here it is:


  1. Very beautiful that painting of that goddess.
    thank you for sharing that video with your art.


  2. That is a very good video, thanks for sharing.

  3. Wow, you have quite a task before you. I did a tutorial for a Steampunk doll some months back, but not a video..don't have a video camera anyway. You're a smart and talented lady, you'll do just fine.


  4. Martha, I love the video and the painting is gorgeous!!!
    You are very talented artist! hugs Cat


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