August 22, 2009

Movies, niñas... and getting ready for school

We went to see Ponyo. I am not into anime, but since I have 2 kids I am into kid's movies. I could take more romantic comedy movies though :o).
So anyway my comments on the Ponyo movie... I loved the visual stuff, colors, characters, all the fish and the water in cartoon, very nice! The story? yuck! The mom drives like a maniac, doesn't listen to the guards, endangers her 5 year old kid and then leaves him alone to go back to the same spot where she was supposed to have staid. huh? OK, they needed drama, that's a way to get it hehehe

Once Ponyo turns into a little girl (a bit hyper for my taste too) she made me want to grab my pencil and draw!
Which takes me to the next part of the post... we are getting ready for school and after a loooong summer with no math, I felt we should have a little warm up, so we sit an hour of tutoring. They did math, I did the sitting :oP
While sitting and getting bored I took my pencil and a leftover paper from my son. He was going to do a sea monster but changed his mind and abandoned the paper.
This is the result:

The "sea monster" became part of the hat, can you see it? :oD
I never made little boys for my little "niñas" but I think it's a good thing. I was pretty happy with it, particularly since trying to make a 3D girl out of my drawings is what took me to the polymer clay and dolls.


  1. Hi Martha,
    I love your drawing!
    I received my little painting and I love it too!! Thank you so much! It is always nice to get gifts!! I hope you feel better from too much cake! Hugs Cat

  2. Aside from the visuals, Ponyo wasn't the best Ghibli studio movie. Better one for mom kids is My Neighbor Totoro. Love this movie! Delightful!

  3. Thanks Cat! I'm glad to hear you like the mini painting :oD
    Christina, I agree, the story was not recommendable in my opinion, but the visuals were very nice. :o)
    Thanks for your post!


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