August 29, 2009

Tutorials, and a lazy saturday...

The first week of school always makes me feel lost... all the running so early in the mornings then the quiet stillness of the house. Even the cat had a time for a nap. Oh, never mind, he always has time for a nap! :o)

So today it's our first Saturday and I have a bunch of DOLL tutorial links to post.
Some are in a different language but very easy to follow by the pictures:

A very cute Polymer Dragonfly from Tundra Thuyak

Beautiful Matrioshka doll buttons First, Second, Third steps, by Galago.

Video on sculpting a baby's head by Cheimarie.

Another sculpting video toddler doll by Christy J.

How to make doll diapers by Skip to my low, which by the way is full of great projects!

This one is for painting a face by Celycom, very interesting info, for any kind of sculpting.

Fabric mermaid Art Doll by Shell-Shell with extra link on more no-sew dolls.

Well, I hope you have a nice lazy weekend!

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  1. I love the smiles and colors on your dolls,so nice to come across your blog. I like the quote at the top about painting leading to sculpture and vice versa, that is very true for me although I love drawing too and crochet.


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