September 16, 2010

More ancestors

Here is one of my favorite pictures, mostly because that beautiful baby in the center grew up to be an amazing woman with the most wonderful giving heart.  This is my grandma in her christening day in 1920:

She gave me a wall in her house to make magic with a chalk. She gave me complete acceptance, inspiration, and all the patience my young parents didn't have for a very restless girl like me. She taught me how to climb on walls (to my poor mama's dismay), how to sew, how to make delicious  "buñuelos" like this:

She knew how to play the piano, violin, guitar. She could sing like the angels, and shoot a rifle like the best.

...and she celebrated any silly thing I made from the time I was born, till the time she went to heaven a month after she turned 81. I miss her dearly.

And to finish this post with a splash of color I'll show you a really cute picture of Panzón taken this morning, in one of his favorite spots.

I am working in new paintings and little sculptures, I will take pictures soon, keep an eye open!


  1. Ponzon is definitely a beautiful cat. Wow, such great picture of the family. Lucky you to have those picture and lucky you to have had a Grandmother that was so loving. Thanks for sharing Martha, memories are all we really have. Take care.

  2. Wonderful photo of your grandmother. Old photos are so intriguing to me, they have more character then our modern ones. Cute cat.

  3. Gloria yes, so lucky Xo) And memories are sweeter than any picture...

    Marlene, Aren't the outfits the best? I love all their fashion and hats etc.... but imagine all the time it took to keep them presentable and in this heat! But they look wonderful :o)

  4. Hey Martha! Love the post! Thanks so much for sharing what a beautiful person your grandmother was! You were very lucky to have her! Love the picture too! And, I love the kitty ;o)

  5. Grandmothers are very special....I know I have one too! They always know the right things to say, their wisdom runs deep. Mine is not longer with us either...but sometimes I dream about her and it's like we've had a little visit. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Such a sweet post! I love that photo and the beautiful story that went along with it!

  7. Your grandmother seemed to be a very exceptional woman! Beautiful post!

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  9. Sissy, I totally agree, grandmas are a treasure!
    Nicola and Little green doll, Thanks for your nice words! :o)
    Anna, I've been following for along time now, I hope I win ;o)


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