September 7, 2010

Skellies, skulls and boney things

I have been merrily drawing Dia de los Muertos Art. I will paint soon, but so far the drawing muse is here so I have to hear the call or she will leave in a tantrum. :oP

What do you think? I personally feel happy so far. I can see every color I want for each.

Fortunately my internet service has been more reliable now, but since I couldn't be online I did more art... funny how that goes, huh? I re arranged the work space a bit too, not too much like last time, that I moved so many things, at the end I guess I packed my inspiration as well, because it took me a while to get back to painting or sculpting!

Hey, I am so thrilled to say, I won a giveaway from the super cool blog DAWG blog!
Can't wait to see my mail!


  1. What a creative girl you are!

  2. Thank you Desiree! What a nice post to wake up to this morning! :o)

  3. Hey Martha, I love them all, but the skeletons are my favourite! Make sure to tell me when they are up ;o)) Please ;o)))

  4. Please send that girl over to me! I can't paint a thing lately! These are gonna be adorable. I'm so lucky to have one of your pieces :)

  5. hello Martha, ieri é arrivato il mio regalo !!!é fantastico mille grazie.sono cosi contenta.tanti baci nel tuo cuore ok.

  6. oh i loved Victoria.she is wonderfull.

  7. She's on her way Jane!! :oD
    Duendes, so good to hear you got her!!


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