September 27, 2010

My weekend

Well, this was quite a weekend I have to say. We went to the county fair on Saturday... walk like maniacs for 5 hours, but had fun. I have to go again because I could not go into the art exhibits! Usually that's where I start, and then all the crafts, food, crafts, plants... stuff, then at the end the rides. This year I was talked into start the rides first and we never got out of that LoL
Sunday we went to have dinner to a place we used to love. I won't say the name, but it was sad to see they just lost my business. The bread was burnt, the food was all wrong, (my plate was full of onion, and if you know me, you know I hate it LoL)  the soup and salad never arrived, so at the end, we were offered pie instead, which made the kids happy. That is the idea of pie... because we waited forever and the waitress never came back. We left to pay and there she comes with some boxes. Well, let me tell you, when we got home and opened the box we saw a sad, violently slapped, well destroyed slice of pie. Hmm... I wonder if the cook was having a bad case of PMS day? (Pie Murderer Syndrome)

As for art, I am having a 99 sale on a Mini Painting on ebay. I rarely recommend that, because if it sells for that I'll cry, but at the same time, in some cases the 99 cents are the ones that sell for a high price. Hard to tell, but I'm taking it as an experiment with a Kleenex next to me :oP

We made a few crafty projects to list in our other little shop (hats and magnets) but my daughter sold them all to her friends. That is great!! ... but if we ever want to open  that little new etsy shop, we better have something to list ;o)

Detail of: The last leave

Happy Spring for all my southern friends! And for those in the north hemisphere, enjoy the fall. We will have still hot weather in my area (39C /102F), but I know it is cold in some places.... hope whatever the weather, you can have a chance to enjoy it.
This reminds me of the poem: "weather the weather is mild, or weather the weather is not, we weather the weather, whatever the weather, weather we like it or not"


  1. Hey Martha;o) I'm glad you had fun at the county fair!!! But, I'm sorry the dinner was so bad. The same thing happened to my mom and I! We went to the place we really loved and we said we would never go back! But, we didn't get the murdered pie! LOL! Love the poem ;o) Hey where is that crow painting listed???

  2. What a disappointing dining experience! (I couldn't live w/o onions and I'd eat that smushed pie haha!) Ebay ugh. I feel ya. It's so hard to figure out. So many are listing for 99c and you never know what will happen. I did that once and let a painting go for $5. I'm not sure I want to sit & work for hours to give it away for pennies after Ebay & paypal takes their cut. Recently I had a person approach me stating they wanted to list my paintings on Ebay for me and they were going to list them for 99c in their account. huh? No thanks. Ebay aint what it used to be.
    Hope all goes well & it sells high for you.
    Have a wonderful day

  3. Isn't it irritating? I guess they changed managers or something! How can anyone do that to a pie? :oP
    I have not listed the crow yet, but I will let you know :oD

  4. Oh, that pie was eaten, believe me LoL But the onions, I can't touch them, they make me ill the rest of the day :o/
    Exactly, ebay is not what it used to be. If they sell for you, they take a part too... but what part will they take from 5 cents left after ebay and paypal?? crazy philosophy huh?

  5. I love the poem you end with.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  6. Hello! what a beautiful crow! I´m curious to see the whole painting.
    I want to let you know: YOU WON MY GIVEAWAY!
    Please e-mail me your address and name of the print you want me to send you.

  7. Oh! yaay!!! I won!? I'll go email you right away! :oD


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