January 6, 2011

Celebrating"over 300" giveaway!

Yeeessss! Here we go, the first giveaway of the year! Celebrating the cool people that read this little blog, which I have come to be addicted to after 5 years of constant silly posting, ha!
I hope you find here a bit of artsy craftsy information, a little bit of humor and something that makes you want to come back to read some more.
So, these are the options you can win:
An ACEO of a woman by the ferns, with shimmery paint in the moon, really cool; my recent Jack Frost paper doll totally articulated and ready to party; or a 6x4 mini painting of a polka-dotted smoking blond, I don't smoke... just like to paint it once in a while.

How to participate: 
1: Post your message telling me which option giveaway you would like if you win (The ACEO, Jack or the 6x4 and a second option in case 2 people win and want the same!)
2: If you want to blog about the giveaway, have a link back to this blog and come tell me in another posting and that's a second chance to win.
*If somebody comes from your blog to post here, and tells me, you automatically have another entry.
3: If you are in FB and post about it, or add me to your friends there, come and tell me in another post and that's an extra chance to win.

This giveaway is open for a week starting today Jan 6th, till Thursday January 13th at noon, pacific time.

Anybody, from any country can play!
 ...ready??? go!!
Oh! and keep an eye over here, because at the end of January I will be having another giveaway!

Update: the winners of this giveaway are:

#2 Ashley in Kentucky won the ACEO!
#7 Deborah in Connecticut won the polka dot girl!
#13 Desiree in Norway won Jack!
Thanks for participating! :oD


  1. I think I would choose Jack (I really like the 6x4 painting, too). Thx!

  2. All three are lovely and I'd be happy to win any of them.

  3. Hey Martha ;o) I LOVE all your art! I would be happy to win anything ;o)

  4. Smokin'
    I don't do it either (unless I've set the dinner on fire LOL) Great work Martha, they are all wonderful!

  5. I love the polka-dot blond! Jack would be my second choice.

  6. A giveway...how exciting!! I would like the smoking girl first, then Jack second. Good luck everyone!!

  7. So exciting! I love all your work but the girl smoking makes me smile...she seems a bit sassy!

  8. Martha, 300... my your looking good for your age! rotfl sorry couldn't resist! :)

    Hmmm I think I would have to choose Jack Frost, he's so cute. I love Winter!

  9. Congrats Martha! I love Jack Frost!

  10. I'd like to win the ACEO or the 6x4! Either one would be fine!

  11. Oooooooooooooh! A giveaway?
    Well to beguin congratulationjs for this growing number of followers.
    So, this time, random generator or paper?
    I have to say that my favourite , if I really have to choose one only, would be Jack Frost!


  12. Great art! The aceo is my first choice, followed by the smoking blond.

  13. they are great !! i like the paper doll

  14. I love give aways! Great prices! I dont like smoking, but I really liked the polkadotted lady :) Than I think Jack was a nice guy :)

    Have a nice new week!

    From Desiree in Norway :)

  15. Oh boy, the smoking polka dot lady is what I would love to win!! Woo Hoo. Thanks for letting me know about the giveaway, I am just far behing in my visiting blogs as of late. Yes, please enter me and I do already follow you. Thanks.

  16. I love Jack Frost and his friendly, but somewhat mischievous face! :)

  17. I won I won, I am so happy! Jack will get a great home with me :)


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