January 4, 2011

Nothing new yet, waiting for the muses...

First post of the year, and I am sorry to say I have nothing new to show :oP
I have been taking it easy, helping my daughter finish some of her own projects, watching the Lord of the ring trilogy, and reading a really cute book by James Patterson, Sundays at Tiffany's. It was supposed to be a quick read but it took me forever with so many things going on last month hehehe
Well anyway, there's a movie too. I have not seen it, but the previews show, like always, that the movie is not exactly as the book. The 9 year old girl in the story had an imaginary friend. In the book the guy was a grown up, but in the movie the imaginary friend was a kid too. I think it is better the idea of same age kids, as opposed to being a grown up... that is kind of weird, but then again, an imaginary friend can be whatever the imagination is, right? Did you have an imaginary friend when you were little? I always lived half the time in my own mind and imaginations, but didn't have a particular imaginary friend. I just wanted to grow up to be a "real" mermaid hahahah
Here's the clip, I think I'd like to see it, even if different from the book:

My next thing to tackle is the Christmas tree, all the decorations, and put a note in the fridge: don't forget to buy a Rosca de Reyes for the 6th of January... yummm!

The weather has been so nice here the past couple of days! Very unusual for a January, Winter and the Valley! But I'm not complaining. :o) Usually this time of year we have dense fog, you can't see across the street till midday.

Oh! The giveaway! I will post tomorrow about it. The "almost 300 followers giveaway" will be called now "a little bit over 300 giveaway!" yaay! Thanks to ALL the people that take their time to visit, it is a pleasure to have you over if only for a few minutes :o)


  1. Hey Martha, our Christmas tree is already down and everything is put away. What happens on January 6th for you? Just wondering because my real Christmas is on January 7th and our New Years is on January 14th. Do you celebrate something?

  2. The Wise men visit to baby Jesus. In many places it is celebrated as much as Christmas, with the big "rosca" an a party, presents for the children, as the presents they brought along with them.
    New year in the 14th?? How's that?

  3. Hey Martha, I never new anything about that tradition. Very interesting and fun! I was brought up "Greek Catholic", which goes by the old calendar. So, our Christmas and New Year's is different, even our Easter is. I'm Ukrainian. We don't celebrate it as much, but still have a good meal ;o) Have you ever seen Ukrainian Easter eggs? They are very beautiful!
    I don't know what calendar Chinese people go by, but even their New Year's is different.

  4. Love that idea, not sure if I will tell Trinity & Memphis though, I think I would have 'kept' some pressies from Christmas if I'd known though, spread out the festivities more : ) Trinity's birthday was boxing day, so we had 2 days of full on celebration & presents, we are only just clearing the last of the bits of tinsel & wrapping that keep showing up in weird places (between cushions, on the dog, in shoes etc) : )
    Stacy, intriguing... I bet there a story to that??

  5. OMG I just watched the 'Sundays' preview, ahhh it's so sweet, I'd never heard of this story, thanks for sharing : )

  6. Martha, when I was a kid, my "invisible friend" was the scrappy old guy "Shorty" from the Beverly Hillbillies. Yeah, strange, I know. He helped me clean room, find cool rocks and bugs, and hide from my sister once in a while. I'd forgotten about Shorty 'til today.

    Enjoy your down time. Your Muse will return rested, refreshed, and ready to create!

  7. Hi Martha,
    I read that book awhile ago...It was pretty good. I had to get my Christmas decorations down quickly,so I could get ready to leave for our month in January....it really seemed funny and made the living room look so bare. It made Christmas seem short and not as fun. Carolyn


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