January 27, 2011

So many things to do...

.... And so little time! I need at least an extra hour, I'm sure you guys feel the same way some days :o)
Well, I can't wait for the coming exciting events! The One World One Heart is coming and promises to be the best ever, only it is the last time too... But it's starting in 3 days, so keep your eyes open and don't miss my giveaways (I can't post a preview, but it is cute! Plus, I am participating in the ADO Blog Group giveaway too, and also in the Touring Babies blog group giveaway as well! What does that mean? it means a whole group will be offering several gifts in one blog, more chances to win, yaay!!

Also the Traveling Doll Project is coming in March... awesome! I will be posting all the cool dolls visiting me, this time I am in 2 groups... crazy, I know! But lots of fun! so you'll get to see 9 dolls featured in the coming months. The team names are funny! One of my teams is The Eager Eagles and the other The Bee-Bee-Q’s

I have a polymer baby elf listed on ebay, visit him to cheer him up! I am starting my doll auctions in 99 cents! as a PIF and to find them their new forever homes.  And in my Etsy Shop I have a 20% off coupon for all art! So if you like something this is the time to get it. I have also a bunch of "free shipping" listings. Just click to buy, and type JANSALE at the checkout, it is valid till the January 30th... hurry up! :oD

Also I have been painting in a larger format again..... I am loving it! I will post tomorrow some of the WIP of my work..... for now, I hear the muses calling (more like screaming!) in the kitchen, where I moved all my painting stuff, to a better light in this gray days....

Now tell me about your projects!! What's on your easel? art desk? sewing machine??! :o*


  1. I'm doing both the ADO and my own blog's OWOH giveaway, only one TDP team (a small one, once they reassign me) and am working on several "prototype" dolls--sculptured, wood, and cloth--for our art shows this spring, and have a mountain of fabric that wants to be made into some new clothes.

    Golly. I need a nap.

  2. The little elf is so cute!!! (And I know what you mean about time!!)

  3. Holy Smokes Martha!!! Do you have your running shoes on! LOL! It's great everything you are doing!! I can't wait to see it all! For myself, I have been painting on wood and I have two aceo's in the works too ;o)

  4. You don't need an extra hour, you need an extra 24 - 48 hours a week LOL!! It's really interesting to find out what a hive of creative activity goes on in blog world, it's brilliant you share this info with newbies like me, sometimes I feel like it's learning a different language and really appreciate links & tips to see events - thanks : ) the "One World One Heart" logo I have seen around, I don't really get what's happening, but I am so looking forward to finding out & seeing the art produced because of it!! At the moment I have to finish the winners aceos this weekend (from my blog, running a bit behind schedule), & look at a couple of suggestions recently given to me as well ; ) I'm so pleased you are having fun with 'big' format and I checked out your adorable Elf on Ebay, awesome, he's sooo cute!!

  5. Wow busy,busy !
    love following your blog...hope you'll check mine when you have time. Hugs

  6. Thanks for your comments I will definitely be spending time reading blogs in the next 2 weeks. Lately I have not had much time to keep up, but I love visiting! :oD

  7. Look forward to your WIP's...I always feel like there is not enough time! Your art is always inspiring! : )

  8. Wow you are one very busy (and creative) woman. Can't wait to see the dolls featured, they are so much fun I remember reading about your others.


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