July 18, 2011


We celebrated today 19 years together. 19 interesting, full, wonderful years together. I thank God everyday for letting me share my life with this man with all the ups and downs. It takes a brave guy to eat what I cook for all this time, and sharing the kitchen (and every other room) with art projects and crafty junk in every corner ♥

 Time sure goes fast ☺


  1. Congratulations Martha! That's a great picture. It's wonderful when you find the right man. This coming February 14th will be 30 years for us. It's been great too. Enjoy your day.

  2. LOL! Funny about the cooking. Luckily my guy isn't real particular either! Congratulations!

  3. Thanks Gloria! Feb 14, how romantic! ♥
    Kimberly we are lucky then hehehehe Thanks

  4. Congrats Martha ;o) Beautiful picture ;o)

  5. What a beautiful Picture!!Congratulations! It's not usual nowadays to see a couple last so long!!I am going on 26..Yikes!! and I don't know how my hubby puts up with my messes too! :+D Thanks for visiting me and your suggestions! I hope you had a wonderful anniversary and I wish you 100 years more of happiness! :) Patti


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