July 31, 2011

One done, one still in the making

I finally scanned this recent work. This is a 6x4 mixed media on bristol board. I'm inclined to call it "Not as lonely" because he has his little cricket in the hand. (update: I listed it HERE )

And here's soem detail of the texture, I'm very happy with it.

I'd like to hear any comments on it. Hope you have a very nice day!
P.S. I hope I can finish and scan my "IF" piece so I can enter it in the IF blog! The word is "obsession" and I want to enter a Frida ACEO for it (my obsession and her obsessions!) [•._,•]


  1. Wow Martha it almost looks like a sculpture coming to life & love the way the cricket seems to offer hope to escape the 'box' (whether real or imagined) to the character embraced by darkness. Very nice work!

  2. Martha, I really like this piece! I think there is so much feeling in this painting! What are you doing with it? Take Care ;o)

  3. Anonymous31 July, 2011

    I really love this. THe cricket is just right -- balances the massive figure with a delicacy.

  4. Great work, Martha! The texture brings a lot of interest as do the color of the eyes & cricket!

  5. Nice work. It's very touching.


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