July 6, 2011

Random fun pictures

Here in my family we love to go in short trips whenever we can. And we all love to take pictures. My son is awesome to catch cloud forms and trees. My daughter takes amazing close ups in unusual angles. They have not takes any class, that's the way they are. My husband likes to take pictures of people when they are not looking, so he has a large collection of me, looking goofy. I have to remind him, I don't need any help top do that :o}
 I, in the other hand, am the one that centers everything and make straight angles. I hate that LOL And I'm the one that took a class ok?  So yes, you will get a picture from me, but it's not going to be dramatic, unless of course it's a picture of someone falling or something.
No... scratch that. I would have to center the fall and there's not time for that. LOL My thing is stills I guess  :oP I have been working actively to get away from centering.
Well anyway, here are some fun pictures of textures and other stuff. I hope you like them :o)

Heart on black top road
Click to see larger

On the way to Vegas
Rainbow ball

Old building

Horse detail of fountain

Train made into a McDonald's

Fish in aquarium

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  1. Martha, I love them all! The fish is really cool and I really love the heart on the black top road!! Great stuff! I love photo's!!!


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