August 31, 2011

Day of the Dead ghost girl

I usually paint with a bunch of colors, at least 4 colors just in the eye alone :o) But Tamara from Willowing, in her youtube video had a challenge about a limited pallet and since I had just rediscovered some 4x4 canvases I had packed away (me and my mad organizing sessions lol) it was the perfect chance to paint something quick and with not too much detail like my ACEO since my thumb is not too happy to participate yet.

Here's my little ghost with a heart girl:

I like how ghostly she looks, but then again, I could just keep going!
My goal today is working on wood, another of the treasures I found in the same box. I feel like Christmas, I'm telling you! XoD
Why do the muses hit me when my thumb is still sore? I got rid of the brace because it was driving me nuts! So far I'm managing. I even made a little video for the doll blog if you want to see it HERE and that is the last of the dolls and team projects I had for this year. wow.... I don't think I will be getting on so many teams at the same time! But I enjoyed it for the most part :o)

Have a nice, colorful, creative day!


  1. She is sharing so much warmth through the blue, just shows how limited you can get and still bring warmth and love into life!

  2. Martha, I LOVE your painting!! She is so precious!!! I love how she is holding a heart and her eyes, she looks like she is staring right at you! I can't wait to see your wood paintings ;o) I hope your thumb isn't too sore for much longer!! Hugs ;o)

  3. Martha, I loved your video with the making of the doll sandals!! Perfect!!

  4. Cute little painting, Martha =) Have fun painting on all the wonderful surfaces you discovered! Kathryn

  5. She is beautiful Martha!
    Hope your thumb heals fast.


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