August 16, 2011

Working on a commission: Done!

Here's the finished commissioned painting. I am very happy the way it turned out


  Unfortunately the colors are not exactly as in person. Try as I did and still I couldn't catch the right way, but it looks very nice in person.


  1. Thanks Kimberly! I enjoyed painting it so much!

  2. what a treasure for the family! very nice!

  3. I Can't wait till it gets there in the mail :o)

  4. Martha, I love it! It looks so adorable and I love the colors ;o)

  5. I'm sure the family is going to love it and will treasure it always!

  6. What a beautiful and very special portrait. I love it.
    I am very behind in reading my blogs, so reading on my iPod and not commenting on every post. But I am reading all your posts. Love the art you've been working on. And hope your thumb is back to normal soon.


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