August 18, 2011

No idea how to call this post. . . .

I have a few updates, a reminder and some news. New news and old news, that is...

As for updating, well, I finally and "with a little help of my friends", changed the name in my art page in facebook.  When you click on it, confetti will fall all over your room, and firecrackewrs will go in the sky. OK, maybe not, but sounded fun, right? Nevermind. So now the URL is this:

No longer will have the long string of numbers after the name, and I didn't include the "Dolls" part just to make it easier. Thanks Diane Clancy and Cris Melo, fabulous artists and wonderful people.

The reminder part of this post: There's still time to participate in my blog giveaway! yaay! Click HERE for the original post, I will be selecting a participant to win one of my paintings, the picture is there too :o) 

My new news is that I re worked on a canvas that had me wishing to do something to it for a long time, but I have been so in love with my acrylics, that I had not touched my oils for a long time.  I finally went for it and this is where I am in that painting: Color is richer, more painterly and movement in the brush strokes

WIP re-worked

It was like this, the background a bit pale and at the time I wanted to make the image with less detail and shadows, but I was not happy. She was also missing the big uni-brow :oP

Old look
I will work on more shadowing next, and highlighting the leaves. (ツ♥)

Now for the old news. Well, some of you know (Can't remember if I posted here or in the group) but I hurt my thumb weeks ago. ugh. And I hurt it again. AGH! So as in yesterday,  actually the night before, I am sporting a hideous bulky thumb stabilizer. Fun Fun Fun not!

At least I can type :o] Which gave me time to list in Etsy, like Halloween and Day of the Dead/Dia de los Muertos art

Thanks for visiting and have an awesome creative day!


  1. Yes, she looks more like herself now with the uni-brow! I really like the workability of oils, but in this humidity they are taking forever to dry!

  2. Martha, I love how you changed the painting! Excellent! Your thumb looks painful ;o( Ouch! I missed out on your skeleton! I know when you get better, there will be more ;o) Hugs ;o)

  3. Debbie (Thanks! by the way!) I use a medium to speed dry time in my oils, and a slow retardant in my acrylics... I guess I just can't leave paint alone lol
    Also, I only use water mixable oils. I can't stand the fumes and smells of the other oils :oS

  4. Thanks Stacy! Yes, thus thumb thingie is really annoying. :o[


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