June 2, 2012

Never enough hours in the day

OK, so I was not able to post before June the 1st was gone.  First day of being out of school and I was outnumbered lol
Baby kitty thinks I am a walking milk bottle so every time he sees me starts mewing like the maniac which is hilarious but time consuming as you can imagine....

Here's the Donna Summer tribute I made, with the help and art of a group of 29faces members, enjoy!

And also I forgot last time to post a face! This one is a self portrait:

The eyes are not quite right...
Last but not least, doing the final details for the workshop. I will have a paypal button here soon.
Talk to you soon!


  1. The tribute was amazing, such talented people!

  2. OOps!... I must have forgotten to tell you about my Donna. Sorry Martha

  3. Oooh, this is wonderful!!! LOVE it - thank you for putting together the DS tribute - I have seen some of these pieces on blogs, but it was great to see them all together. On the same note, congrats on having completed another wonderful event. I have enjoyed seeing what others do with this as well. If you do another month, I would love to join - starting Summer of Color this week, then I will be free. Good luck on your class too, you're a busy new-kitty mama! xo

    1. Kristin, I'm planning on September, once school starts again, thanks!

  4. The Donna Summer tribute was amazing! Your self portrait is so cute ;o) Love it ;o) Take Care, Martha ;o)

  5. your self portrait looks great!

  6. Thanks for hosting such a wonderful event Ayala..
    Wasn't able to keep up on a daily basis; but I had fun, and
    enjoyed looking at everyone's work..

    Mariette xox

  7. Thanks for hosting such a wonderful event!
    I couldn't keep up the daily post; but enjoyed it nevertheless.
    I enjoyed seeing everyone's work as well.
    Everyone's work is so unique.
    Till next time;-)

    Blessings xox

  8. Loved the slide show! Great Donna's.

  9. Wow, the Donna Summer artworks are just beautiful. Can't believe she's gone! Your self portrait is beautiful too!


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