June 15, 2012

Chat ? Rant?

I will start with the chat, maybe I should call it rant. Although it can be skipped and go to the images. Actually, never mind, skip this if you are not into rants because I do not want to mix my artwork images  with rants.  :oP

Here we go....
What to do with a negative comment?
I was told that blogs or networks are all fake because people just post the nice things. That I was just posting the unrealistic good and not the realistic errors or bad moments.

Not sure if I should be flattered that I was called good or insulted because I was called fake. (-_-)
Well, my take on that is, I rant too sometimes, but I try to keep it focused in art.
If people wanted to read about illness or politics or family issues, they would be looking in a site or blog for that particular subject, right? If I'm looking for art, I don't really want to be reading about politics, that's for sure. :>]

But at the same time, I keep it honest, if not totally open, because really, who cares if I have this problem or another? I don't like going to negative or whiny blogs, where they pretend to be about art but it's just complaints or fights. I rarely bump into those blogs, but when I do, I respectfully walk away. I leave groups with complicated feisty people. I don't need that in my life ♥
I am a positive simple person. I do have problems, who doesn't? Sometimes too many things fall on my head at the same time,it happens...  but I want my blog to be about art, as focused as possible and still show who I am.
I'm sure if I start talking about all my maladies, I would be discussing that alone with the crickets hehehehe However, I have many personal posts, whenever I feel like writing about personal stuff, or movies which is another thing I enjoy a lot.

Also, there's a bunch of times where I post mistakes, ugly weird results in my projects, a way to fix or rework a piece. I mess a lot, that's for sure, but what is wrong with trying to present the better part? I don't think that makes me a fake.
Anyway, for all that's worth, I do it with my best intentions :o)

No, I won't post ugly mean comments in my blog, I reserve the right to delete those as spam.
Hate drama.... Done ranting.


  1. I feel the same way. :) You said it well. I don't understand why would people leave comments or even follow blogs that they don't like.

    1. This one was not following, just I guess happened to find their way here...

  2. Oh honey, if that person contacts you again, just redirect them to my blog. They can get their fill of "ugly" and "mistakes" there lol :D You want this to be your nice space, then that's what it should be and no one has the right to tell you otherwise...it's YOUR blog. They can make ugly on their own blog :D XXX

    1. I have plenty of ugly hahaha I guess some people just lack the filter of "don't make mean comments" but then again, thank goodness for moderation in blogs :oP

  3. Tell this person to go away! I am right behind you with everything you said my friend ;o) Don't change Martha! I love you! Hugs ;o)

  4. Forget them. If all they want is ugly and mean they can go get it somewhere else. There is plenty of it elsewhere. Your blog is just right and remember that you don't have as many followers as you do because you're doing something wrong.

  5. Martha, keep doing what your doing... I don't read blogs that have drama, politics, etc. I read enough of that stuff in the news or on Facebook, with my blogs I like to just read about what ever I am interested in. I enjoy your blog just the way you run it...


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