June 3, 2012

A male face

What makes a male face, male? Most of us girls draw or paint ladies. We are more used to see that in the mirror and then when it comes time to draw or paint a male face... it comes kind of funny.
So, lets ponder for a while (Like if we don't spend enough time thinking of men, right?) :o)

From top to bottom, the male face is different in proportions, even the skinny or cute ones, have a wider forehead, nose and neck.
Their eyebrows are more prominent, their ears a bit larger, the jaw and chin definitely bigger.
Not to mention they have facial hair and the Adam's apple.
See some guys faces  HERE

Based on that, let's see what changes can be done to the faces, to make them manly.


This guy I made turned out way more manly that I thought hehehe

 The how-to video of this guy will be part of the workshop, to round it up more.
I keep adding things to it! I better stop that so I can actually start the registration :o7

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  1. He is very manly indeed. I appreciate your musings today.

  2. Very"cute" :D He has a loo of Wolverine about him :D XXX

  3. Great face Martha! He looks like he is in deep thought!

  4. Yep he is definitely a man ;) Great drawing.
    Thanks for the June Guys challenge Ayala. It's my first time here so please be gentle ;) LOL
    xoxo Sioux

  5. Okey Dokey I am all done now and ready for the challenge. YAY!

  6. Nice to see you doing something different... Your men look great!


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