May 20, 2012

Sad news and WIP of Donna

Another great voice passes away... Robin Gibb from my beloved BeeGees. I am very sad :o(
 For his family and particularly for Barry, who loses a third brother. My heart goes to him he always has been such a family guy, and well, now definitely won't be BGs getting together to sing again.

Well, this was a busy weekend for me, we went to the Maker fair up north by San Francisco, had fun, got a sun burn (that was not fun at all, I am in pain!) then today the kids were all excited with the eclipse so they spend the time getting ready to go to the park and witness it with camera tripod and telescope. They had fun.

So, at the end of the day, I did very little to my Donna, and feel sad for missing Robin Gibbs.

I love their music so much! I went to youtube to look for music of them, even songs from before I was even born, and I can say I love them ALL!
Here's a video from the BGs, enjoy! (Really, I can't get enough of them...)


  1. Your Donna is coming along nicely. I love the colours you are using for the background, look forward to seeing her finished.
    You sound like you have had a great weekend with your family...

  2. I sad for Robin Gibb, am a big fan , the song of the video. And Donna Summer is definitely coming to life under the artists hand.

  3. I agree that the painting is coming along nicely. I loved the BeeGee's too. I've never been to the Makers Fair, but ive heard great things about it.

  4. So sad, another great artist lost! I love the BGS!!! Your Donna Summer is looking great! Take Care my friend ;o)


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