May 1, 2012

Day 1 of 29 faces, and News

Sorry to stuff so many things in one post but I was too excited to let the chance pass....
Or maybe I should make them separate posts?? well, who knows, here I go:
(The winner of the giveaway will be in a different post!

First, here is my face #1 for the 29 faces challenge. An ACEO: (check for a video on her making, tomorrow!)

 Now the news:
If you have read my blog before, you probably know I am participating in an art exhibit, in Moss Norway, organized by David Sandum for the women and children center (which had a budget cut) So far, 75 artworks (postcard size) have been sold, that is great!
Sarah Wiske made a nice video with tons of images see it HERE
And this is a screen shot of one of the pieces I sent:

 This is the one i had mentioned I had not taken a last scan before shipping, so I'm happy to see it like this :o)   For more pictures click HERE

Here's a photo of the gallery wall:

See you tomorrow! Hope you are enjoying the challenge,either by participating or by cheering up the work of the artists playing.... so much to see!
So exciting!


  1. Oh love the face, so cute. You have such wondeful expression.
    Congratulations are in order as well.

  2. She is adorable!!! Thanks for doing this again!!!!

  3. Love your little girl! Peace! Very exciting that you are part of the art exhibit and that it is helping the women and children's center! Fun to see your work on the gallery wall!!

  4. Hello Ayala,

    I am looking forward to participating in 29 faces...I am not sure how to sign up; Gulfsprite told me about it and pointed me here. I will be posting my faces on my wordpress blog (Blissful Art).

    ♥ Angi

    1. To participate, read the information in the tiop right tab in my blog, where it says "29 faces" and follow the instructions. Welcome to the challenge!

    2. Okay! I am linked up. :) Thank you so very much. Will be posting face 2 very shortly. ♥

  5. Your ACEO is gorgeous Martha... I love that she is winking... and your art exhibit sounds wonderful... off to check out the video...

    Jenny x

  6. your first face is wonderful. i love the wink.
    thank you for being our wonderful host!
    congrats on the postcard show~

  7. Love your face!
    I sent a piece to Norway, too!!

  8. Anonymous02 May, 2012

    so colorful and sassy!

    Thanks for the challenge. Just what I needed.

  9. Very cute, and congrats on the show!!

  10. Wonderful exhibit for a wonderful cause ~ nice!

    And sweet face, too!

  11. Congrats on the exhibition! :) And such a cutie for day 1. :)

  12. Anonymous02 May, 2012

    Just added myself to this challenge! Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  13. What a cute little "first face!". Thank you for posting this challenge and inspiring so many of us!

  14. What a cute "first face!" to start with! Thank you for posting this challenge and inspiring so many of us!

  15. I love the aceo you made! So darn cute! And, great stuff about the postcard!! Excellent!

  16. Anonymous03 May, 2012

    Hi, would love to join in, sorry accidently created two links for Chrissie Richards, second has blog link in it...

    1. Good to have you in the challenge! Yes, i deleted them, no problem :o)


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