May 25, 2012

Video Part 2 for 29 faces

Here's the second video, if you haven't seen the Part 1, then click HERE to see it first.
I wanted to upload an HD version but took forever and still wouldn't do it, so....  now it is split in 2 and no high definition. I'm just as happy :o)

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Now the cute factor, who is ready for dinner? We have tuna and kitty tacos in the menu!


Panzon is giving the welcome sniff to baby kitty, who was left behind days ago, when his momma was moving to another yard. I'm afraid he will be a permanent household guest as well. But who can resist such a face?? Xo)


  1. What a great video Martha, it's a very well edited and looks professional. A really enjoyable watch, you are so talented, thanks for sharing.

  2. Fun watching you work. Yes the video is well done. I need to go see the first one. Happy PPF.
    Cute kitty too. Nice of you to take her in.

  3. Great video Martha. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yes I know about no access to the link, and I guess that's because her blog isn't there?? I don't know what happened to it. Have a great weekend and enjoy the holiday. Take care.

  4. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh look at that kitty!! Such a cute little guy! I will babysit ;o) Another great video Martha ;o)


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