June 1, 2013

June Guys! The male face.

Welcome to the first day of the June Guys challenge!

So, what makes a face male? Most women draw a girly face probably because we are so used to seeing our own faces, which are girly :o)

And when, without previous experience, we want to make the face of a man, it turns out like a girl with a mustache :>O

So, lets see the basic steps to give a face male characteristics, for those that have never done a male face. There are a bunch of ways and styles, this is just one way to make a male face:

 *Number one, the head is more square and angular. Particularly the chin and the top of the eyes. Preferably the eyebrow, if drawing from imagination, is better to leave kind of flat and bushier. If you are working from a picture then follow what you see.

 *Usually the eyes are smaller, the nose longer, and a woman's nose usually is made smaller, but then again, if you are working from a picture, follow what you see there.

  *The mouth does not need much detail, in fact, the more details the more you will go towards making it too cute. A simple shadow of the top lip and an indication of the lower lip is enough. I made more shadows by the jaw, some indications of circles under his eyes, ears a bit more pronounced that the female face and the neck thicker.

 Remember, you don't have to make any particular number of faces for this challenge, but have fun practicing!

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  1. This is a great tutorial. I may have to enter your challenge, since I have a model that works for free. LOL!

  2. I think I've managed to get my link in the June Guys challenge. Hope that I can participate with a lot of faces. It will be a good exercise. Thanks Ayala.
    xxx Marianne

  3. Thanks for the tutorial.
    I made 2 guys already and made a link.
    I hope i wil make a lot of them.
    Liefs, Melanir

  4. Awesome tutorial! Getting my sketchbook now. :)

  5. Wonderful tutorial. I have not done may male faces yet... though my house is full of them! (7 total) So I should have plenty of models... if only they would stay still long enough to be sketched... ;-)

  6. Martha, thanks for sharing this! Excellent!! Hugs ;o)

  7. Very interesting! Can't wait to see your guys!

  8. Glad you're running this again, and I love your badge for this year. I was just looking at some of the faces I made last summer . . . it seems like a lifetime ago. Not sure if I'll be able to join in for part of this or not. Will have to see.


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