August 23, 2013

News and bunch of Wips

I won a fun e-class giveaway from Sarah Leonard it was very positive and nice to read and follow. The good part is that I already do many of the things she recommends so I guess I am not too lost, thanks Sarah! :oD

The following are more FITW II paintings that I helped finishing. This is how I finished it, it was started by Sandra, worked by Ilona and then myself. Click after the page brake to see more pictures!
This is how it started, then Ilona's work:

This is Ilona's piece, then worked by Malissa:

The last image is the one part I made.

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  1. They came out great Martha. How fun sharing with the other artists. Great job!

  2. wow what a great collaborative project! fabulous!

  3. I love Ilona's. It's simple but says so much.

  4. I love how they turned out!! Excellent! Congrats on winning the e-class giveaway ;o)

  5. I love this concept. And they have turned out so beautifully! x


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