August 11, 2013

8 years of blah-blah!

Hey guys! Celebrate with me my 8th blog anniversary!
I am having a giveaway ♥ Share and win and get a virtual hug from me ♥
I am very happy to have met so many wonderful and cool artsy people while blogging and doing what I love: painting, blogging, creating and doing challenges.

What to do: leave a comment *only* if you want to be in the giveaway!
*Grab the cupcake image, make a blog post linking back here and come leave a comment in my post: (Link:
Or... grab my blog button in the bar.

For more chances to win:
*Follow my blog! (tell me if you already do, in a comment!)
*Post this in your facebook wall (and leave a comment here!)
* twitt this post (and leave  another comment here!)
*Subscribe to my youtube channel (and leave a comment here!)
*Share it any other way you want! (And come leave another comment!)
Do not leave your full email in a comment, I will not publish those, for your safety.

You can win:

*Big Modigliani17x14 repro I painted  (US only due to mailing issues):

*5x7 Frida painting (International participants):

*One spot in my Basic face class! US and International participants (*Only for those that have not taken it, if winner has taken it, then gift is one random ACEO made by me)

3 Winners will be randomly  selected on August 26th If I can't find the winner within a week, I will select another winner, make sure there's a way -that is not google+, for me to contact you! ♥ (Last time it took me a year!)

 Thanks for being here, many blessings and share, share, share! 
 ٩(◠◡◠)۶  Good luck!


  1. Congratulations!! WOW! Eight years! I can't believe.What a wonderful day to celebrate. I put You Icecream to my blog and I am Your reader, so I hope I can have Your painting. It would be the best what should happen...

    I couldn't link this to my post...

  2. Oooh, I'm in!! I'll get to blogging right now. :)

  3. I want to be in.. will post about it tomorrow ... wonderful event Ayala..


  4. oh how exciting!!!! 8 years!!! Congratulations!!! Time sure flies when you're having fun

  5. Congrats Martha!! 8 wonderful years! Yepeee!! You deserve a cake ;o)
    I would love to be entered into your giveaway, please ;o)
    Big Hugs ;o)

  6. Hey Martha, congrats on your 8th anniversary, can't believe you've been blogging for so long! Here's to many more years of blogging and creativity!

    I am a follower of your blog and have written all about the giveway on mine. I've also posted about the giveaway on Facebook (, Twitter ( and Pinterest ( and have subcribed to your YouTube channel.

    I hope I'm one of the lucky winners! Good luck to everyone and thank you for this wonderful giveway!

  7. Hi, dear Martha! Many, many congratulations and love greetings to you and your wonderful blog world! I'm looking forward to the next 8 years :)
    Many hugs and love, love, love to you, dear friend ♥

  8. Add me! Would treasure either of those painting.... congratulating!!!!!!

  9. Congrats!!! Wow, I am always inspired by your work, you are so creative I love your art :)
    Hugs, Cat

  10. Congratulations! I enjoy and am inspired by your wonderful art! Thanks for sharing your talent!

  11. I love the Modigliani repro. You'll probably think this is crazy, but it would be ideal in my master bath. Anyhow, shared your contest on my Crowe Treasures FB page, so hope that brings you some participants :)

  12. Love the Modigliani repro. You'll think this is crazy but it would look awesome in my master bathroom. Anyhow, shared your contest on my FB Crowe Treasures page so hopefully that will get you some participants and new readers.

  13. I has Pimped! lol Better late than never :D XXX

  14. I has also *pimped* on Facebook :D XXX

  15. .and I am already a stalker*cough* Follower :D XXX

  16. Awesome giveaway! :) I'm blogging tomorrow so I'll come back with a link then. For now I'm your blog follower. :)

  17. I'm also subscribed to your YouTube channel. :) Congrats! Forgot to say that before. :)

  18. Congratulations on 8 years, that's awesome! And I'm so excited for a chance to win some of your work, thank you.

  19. Wow, 8 years of blogging!!! That is something worth celebrating. Congratulations, I love your site, your you tube channel and your wonderful challenges:)

  20. I'm back with my blog link. :)

  21. Martha, I mentioned you in my post ;o)

  22. Congratulations Martha... and happy blog anniversary.... fabulous giveaway... I have put your blog button in my sidebar... and linked back to you... I love both your blog and your wonderful challenges...

    Jenny ♥

  23. And I am already a follower...

    Jenny ♥

  24. And here is the link to my blog post Martha....

    Can't wait for 29 faces in September as well...

    Jenny ♥

  25. 8 is a pretty awesome number! congrats. I'm your newest follower... can't believe I wasn't already. Fingers crossed i'll make the class :)

  26. Eight years ~ awesome and congrats!

    And this post motivated me to look at my own blogging activity which will be 9-years in December. Hard to believe. In any event, your artwork is lovely and I'd be honored to be entered in your giveaway and ecstatic to be a winner (and ecstatic for whoever wins!)!

    Annd I may just be joining the next 29 Faces ~ it's been a while and I enjoyed it so much the last time!

  27. Dear Martha :-)
    I shared your link on my Facebook page
    I follow your blog (thought I already did that earlier)
    And I congratulate you on your anniversary! Sending you a imaginative flower-bouquet with the most beautiful roses and lavender and herbs
    Wishing you prosperous years ahead and good luck with your goals!

    I'm not very good at winning this kind of games, that's why I am always reluctant to play, AND I was not quite sure, how your course does work!!!

    Anyways I enjoy being part of the 29 faces and additional challenges, that is indeed a lot of a win already :-)
    Hugs Ilona


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