August 2, 2013

Is your blogger profile gone?

Many have noticed that their blogger profile is gone after they joined Google+. Some of us got out, but some people like it here an wish they could still have their old profile like before.
Well, guess what? It can be done!
You have to go to your dashboard, and see the top right icon like a tool gear? Click on it and it will give you a menu. From there select "Revert to Blogger Profile".
The it will tell you if you do it, you will remove the "About to" in Google+.
If you really enjoy the site, leave it as that. If you don't care because the "limited" blogger profile suits you better.... then click to switch.

That will make it just as it was before, and still be in the G+ network.
I personally did not like either, but I also understand many people do like it. Many want to enjoy both worlds and this, I think, is a happy compromise :o)

If you want to go one step further, you can then click "Edit profile" and add your email, so people can email you directly. But that is up to each person, I do not have it showing in my profile.

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  1. I have problems with the new google when visiting other blogs. Sometimes you can't leave comments. Google want you to add your name, age, etc before leaving a comment. I like the old blogger and I'm sticking with it as long as I can. Thanks for the info. Take care Martha.

  2. Thanks for the information! I still didn't take the plunge to join google+, and I'm not sure I ever will ...

    1. Good decision! I really didn't like it and it sets a black bar ALL over your browser windows! Plus kills the profile in the blog.... I was happy to finally leave!

  3. Martha, I don't have a revert to Blogger profile???

    1. You have the "old profile" already, no need to revert, just like me. I never changed it to google plus. The people that have a "whole page" profile that you can't see unless you are in google+ are the ones that can/wish to revert to the old version :o)


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