December 2, 2013

Awesome Giveaway!

OK, this is super extra awesome.....
I am giving away one spot for the Soul Food Class, which is 38 other instructors and myself! That is like winning 39 classes all at once!
I think it is the best-est giveaway ever!

What do you have to do to play? Visit my FaceBook art page. (I'm running in FB because I have more traffic there for now)
Leave a comment THERE, and SHARE it on your wall, or any other site, and let me know.
I will leave it open for a week, so the 9th of December I will pick a winner and post it here.

IMPORTANT: Make sure there's an EASY way to contact you. I am not in Google plus, so if your profile is closed, or I can't reach the winner, I will give it to another person. Keep that in mind! :oD

Update: the winner is Gina M from the UK! ♥

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